Communication Affairs Directorate

Build trust on agendas by providing public and stakeholder forums that address national issues that are underpinned by research, promote developmental accomplishments to the citizens and the international community, Building a positive image by designing and promoting national and institutional identities, building a communication system that allows the community to rationally determine on the basis of timely and quality information, and to respond to questions early on.

  • Implement coast effective information disseminating system;

  • Identify issues that are based on institutional strategic mission performance and which are relevant to communication effectiveness and implement the desired recommendations.

  • Take on the role of spokesperson in times of crisis to inform the public through proper media tools and techniques;

  • Provide survey-based research and corrective actions based on the institutional strategic mission form public relation and communication Perspective.

  • create national consensus and develop national image through content-rich national consensus agendas and a national identity by preparing successful forums with collaboration of institutions and stakeholders;

  • Prepares research findings and conducts research forums for stakeholders that promote institutional trust, public ownership and direct participation, provides scholarly articles on social and economic activities and current national and international issues, and works to inspire employees and stakeholders for greater institutional change and mutual benefit.

  • Investigate the universal benefits of the institution's strong relationship with its global sector leadership, community, stakeholders and partners;

  • Analyze internal and external stakeholders' needs and achievements for communication planning, implement them, evaluate their effectiveness, and take corrective action to integrate institutional culture, values and positive responses to integrate healthy and efficient service delivery practices;

  • Achieve success in guiding the strategic and annual plans of the Directorate, identified by key strategic areas, global, regional, and national socio-political context;

  • Prepares communication Strategic Plan that combines institutional and government policy and strategic areas of focus and Monitor their effectiveness;

  • Evaluates plan implementation, prepares periodic indicator report, information that can help for decision-making, recognizes potential contributors, and holds accountable those who influence negative outcome;

  • Collaborate on the analysis of government policy, Establishes a strategic communication strategy; Ensure that implementation actions are enforced at all levels,

  • Adopt Communication plan from a national strategy which also sets the framework for the institution mission programs, impose transparency, Provides the necessary training for the work;

  • Establishes criteria for the quality of agendas so that the content of the national consensus and their content will remain relevant to the audience, including new ideas and practices; Conduct audience satisfaction survey, Develop and implement enforcement measures so that future agendas can be advanced in their presentation methodology; and monitors its effectiveness.

  • Establish an annual calendar sponsored events with institutional arrangements that strengthen the social cohesion of workers to create logical thinking and create a conducive working environment; Experience exchanges with executives and employees in relation to developmental works, Allow and supervise educational tours for the creation of a variety of innovative programs.

  • Identifies the scope of the Vulnerable for Crises in the context of the sector’s mission and identifies Crises Areas.

  • Prepares detailed plans for public relations activities that work before, during, and after the crisis; create awareness; create capacity to prevent crisis.

  • Monitor, surveys and analyzes the reports of the country and institutions in which the domestic and foreign media reports;

  • Provides timely access to information on the appropriate form and content of facilities and agencies, monitors performance, and provides feedback.

  • Request training on the content and performance gaps in knowledge and skills in the Freedom of Information Proclamation Act.

  • Organizes and publishes information about institutional, national, and global issues using modern technologies, publishes reports and articles about the institution, and provides information to the private and public media.

  • Conducts surveys on staff, stakeholders and the community to gather their opinions on the activities of the institution, report on visits to the implementation of projects and programs, provide information for newspapers and magazines, and supervise distribution published information.

  • Report for media on implementation status of the projects by conducting on sight data, Provides the required information for newspapers and magazines to be distributed in a timely manner by preparing audio and video.

  • Maintains complete contact information with local and foreign media organizations and provides relevant information about the institute, and works in partnership with local and foreign media bodies.

  • Ensure that workers and local communities are actively involved in the development of a democratic system and causes will be identified by the methods of information distribution transmission equipment based on research.

  • Provides appropriate guidance to the media, by calling and organizing or co-ordinating film and narrative writing that provides educational and information on institutional, community and community activities, socioeconomic activities, community relations and knowledge.

  • Conducts media access and feasibility studies, determines information and dissemination methods, improves efficiency and gathers periodic feedback by assessing its effectiveness.

  • Make work agreements with various local and foreign media; ensure that implementation is done in accordance with the contract; provide feedback.

  • Ensures the timely and relevance of information by gathering, analyzing, organizing, and enriching information, organizing the database and prepare a resource for communication activities.

  • Organize a strategic forum for co-operation with local and foreign media, and provide leadership to build healthy relationships by accessing timely and institutional information based on the principle of Information Proclamation Act.

  • Creates awareness through studying the new and effective use of social media options, transcribing messages to foreign languages, and sharing with others;

  • Free to learn from others and to give others good experiences