Director General's Message

Leather Industry Development Institute (LIDI) is an independent federal government institution. The institution is working to make Ethiopia gain the most out of its leather resources through promoting investment, providing the investor with production and marketing, technologies, counseling and support services. The institute also facilitates the development and transfer of leather and leather products industries technologies, so that Ethiopian leather industries become competitive and beget rapid development. In this year the institute has given a special attention on improving the Ethiopian leather industry sector reinforcing the role of the two associations / the Ethiopian Leather Industries Association and the Ethiopian Hides and Skins Suppliers Association/, enhance quality, consistent, adequate, and rapid production inputs by addressing the problems associated with input supply and real-time constraints and ensure that sustainable solutions to the environmental pollution risk of tanneries are developed and increased to enhance the environmental protection capacity of the leather industry sector. Regarding combined activities to increase the productivity of the industry, the institute’ is expanding and enhancing the sub-sector's national production and export performance by strengthening the focus on the development of micro and small scale enterprises based on their need domestic and export market-based support. Caring out problem solving research and development as well as technology adaptation and technology transfer activities in collaboration with the industry and other stakeholders and, I think sustainable development of the sub-sector could only be actualized only if the coordination with key stakeholders is strengthened.


Ato Dagnachew Shiferaw
Director General