Engineering Services Directorate

Engineering Services Directorate
LIDI is providing a sustainable, reliable, and affordable engineering and Information technology service for tanneries, footwear factories and leather garments and goods factories by Preparing and promoting project profiles, carrying out feasibility studies which help to offer pre-investment services in variety of fields for investment opportunity, Project identification and for investors who wants to engage in the sector. The institute supports and consults investors on selection, negotiation, installation, commissioning of machineries, technologies and construction of factories.
The leather industry development institute, engineering directorate has three major work teams
  • Electrical-mechanical Engineering team
  • Civil Engineering Team
  • Project management team
Through the past five years under the umbrella of engineering directorate the above mentioned teams have accomplished the following major activities:-
    Major Activities Accomplished by the Electrical -Mechanical Engineering Team
  • I. Machine installation and commissioning service፡ Machine installation, testing and commissioning services have been given by the directorate for the factories, TVET colleges and institutions
  • II. Machinery specification development and cost estimation job to Oromia education training commission ,Metal Industry Development Institute, Development Bank of Ethiopia, Misrake TVET college ,Small and medium manufacture Enterprise Agency, Center for Accelerated women’s Economic Empowerment ,Z Farm star P.L.C.
  • III. Manual preparation and development service Operation and maintenance manual for leather and leather products machineries had been prepared and given for people in need (PIN) which is a nongovernmental organization.
  • IV. Machinery and equipment maintenance service: Machinery and equipment maintenance service had been given for factories, TVET colleges and institutions:-
  • V. Undergoing projects: Modern maintenance enhancement project is a capacity building project initiated by the Engineering directorate of leather industry development institute (LIDI) for developing the capacity of tanneries, in regard to their maintenance and engineering capacity. Debrebrhane tannery, Ethiopia tannery and Collba tannery are among the many factories selected for the implementation of the project.

Consultancy Service
Consultancy services had been given for factories, TVET colleges and institutions:-LIDI’s management team visiting machinery installation and commissioning job and LIDI’s professionals installing machineries at Akaki TVET College.
Civil Engineering Service
This team is responsible for providing service for different under construction activities for both internal (LIDI) and external (leather manufacturing sub sector investment projects
Information & Project Team
Information & Project Team is one of the core functional work teams under Engineering Service Directorate. The team is responsible to investment promotion in leather & leather products manufacturing sub sector in order to attract potential investors, develop feasibility study for new and expansion investment projects as well as support & follow up of leather & Leather Products investment projects,
    Major Responsibilities of the Project & Information Team
  • Feasibility study, Business plan & Business proposal preparation & Development
  • Project profile development
  • Project follow-up & Support Service
  • Consultancy & Information Provision

Feasibility Study, Business Plan & Business Proposal Preparation & Development
Feasibility study, Business plan & Business proposal are developed for those who have an interest to join & invest in the leather & leather products sub sector as well as expansion projects. The feasibility study & the business plan has five core elements the Financial analysis, Technical analysis, Marketing analysis, Socio-economic analysis as well as Environmental analysis in order to show the viability and profitability of the project. The studies are conducted for the leather processing, footwear manufacturing, Leather goods & garment manufacturing sub sectors.
Project Profile Development
In order to attract potential investors as well as promoting the leather & leather products sector investment opportunities & alternatives different project profiles in leather processing, footwear manufacturing & leather goods & garment manufacturing are prepared & send to different stakeholders & concerned governmental as well as non-governmental organizations. Recently six business profiles in the leather & leather products sector were prepared and sent to Oromia regional state Investment commission & Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce & Trade Associations Recently additional three business profiles have been prepared & are on the way to send to Ethiopian investment commission, regional investment bureau including Amhara Regional state Industry & Investment office as well as other stakeholders in order to attract potential investors via promoting the leather sub sector potentials & opportunities.
Investment Projects Support and Follow-up
The information & project team has also give follow-up & support service for the leather & leather products investment projects. The team provides the support & follow up service starting from projects under pre- investment phase, construction phase, pre-production phase till they enter to production.
Consultancy & Information Provision
In addition to the above mentioned services the information & project team of the directorate has also offer consultancy & information provision service up on request by different entities. In this part consultancy for different interested parties regarding the investment viability, alternatives, profitability, technology requirement and selection, layout development, production capacity as well as other related consultancy activities are offered. Moreover information regarding the leather & leather products sector potential, current projects status, capacity, machinery requirement as well as existing opportunity & threats are also presented.