Finance Purchase & Property Administration

The Finance,Procurement and Materials Management department has the following duties:
  • To administer the allocated recurrent & capital budget of the Institute in accordance with government rules & regulations
  • To procure necessary goods & services which helps to accomplish institutional goals as per government procurement directivies.
  • To receive ,store and dispatch goods up on request and to maintain the stock record and control
    It is structures with four teams to provide the following services
    Budget preparation and follow up Team
  • It organizes summarizes,prepares,controls,evaluates and submits the financial requirments and performance report of the institute

  • General Account Team
  • It effects and manages financial expenditures, collect revenues, prepares and submits the financial report

  • Procurement Team
  • It collects and organizes the materials and services repuirements of all directorates, prepare bid docuements , procure different materials , and services locally as well as abroad

  • Property Administration Team
  • It ensures the continous supply of materials and services,manage the materials and dispose un utilized parts