Human Resource Management and Development Directorate

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  • Carry out appropriate and efficient human resources to meet the Institute's plan and Build capacity to fulfill the mission of the institute with the required qualifications and quality human resources.
    Seeing a fit and capable human resource with the capacity and a conducive working environment to achieve the objectives of the leather industry sector in 2017;
    • Achieve effective performance by setting the Grade one to nine outcome-based principles and downsizing the implementation process.

      Services Rendered by the directorate

      • Facilitate the provision of qualified and appropriate human resources • Perform human resource capacity building activities • Create a conducive working environment • Organize various employee information
    Human Resource Management Services Group
    • Human resource planning • Comprehensive and efficient human resource supply recruitment: • Upgrade qualified and appropriate human resources through progression: • Providing human resource transfer through customer need • Organizing and analyzing employee performance score plan performance • Encouraging human resources • Human Resource Safety and Health Protection • Human Resources Services (Work Experience, Clients, Insurance, Pensions, Collaboration Letters
    Education and Training Group Services
    • Carry out a training need assessment; • Develop a training program. • Preparing for training program implementation • Perform a training success assessment
    Clinical Service Team
    • Provide regular diagnostic and therapeutic services • Providing emergency medical services • Providing family planning services • Provide health education and counseling services • Providing laboratory diagnostic services
    Requirements for Service
    • preparing a Job Analysis & Job description for new job opportunities, and filling in a job application form for open positions; • Fill out an application form with a vacancy • Complete and submit a step-by-step development request form • When the client's wishes are in writing, • When the assessment of all staff is incorporated on time, • When a human resource incentive is financed by a government-approved policy or approval • Study the health risks and prevention of job-related positions every 6 months; • When required information is complete • When completed questionnaires for training need assessment are completed • Providing information and training budgets and training budgets for training institutions • Notify the training units that the trainees will be notified in writing to the training team on the basis of the training program; • When an interview prepared for a training success assessment is completed • Retaining employee ID