Goods and Garment Technology Directorate

About the Directorate

Ethiopian leather product sector is at infant stage in global leather product value chain and attempting for repositioning in the global market. Leather garment and goods manufacturing technology directorate (LGGMTD) with its expertise and infrastructure facilities strive to support Ethiopian leather products sector to become competitive in the international market. LGGMTD targets-four main objectives

R&D Achievements earlier

Conducting leathers for smart product applications
Leather is one of the materials that have been used in a variety of applications due to its durable and flexible properties. However, currently leather does not find any advanced applications such as flexible or wearable electronics, wearable biomonitoring garment, etc. This is because leather is an insulator and does not conduct electricity. Materials need to have electrical conductivity properties for smart product applications. We are developing method to improve electrical conductivity of leather for smart product application which was capable to obtain conductivity in leather up to 7.4 S/cm. Conductive leather can be used for producing leather gloves that used for operating screen touch devices such as smart phone, tablet, iPod etc and manufacturing smart garments.

Influence of sewing threads on seam pucker of sheep nappa leather
Seam pucker is one of the sewablity problems affecting the quality of leather products. In order to solve the problem we are identifying the cause of seam pucker and providing solution for sheep nappa leather. On this study seam pucker was correlated with properties of leather, stitch density, stitch type and thread in order to solve cause of seam pucker. The technology is highly important to solve seam pucker quality problems.

Anticipated Research and Development Area and Deliverables plan
  • enhancing leather properties for advanced leather application

  • Development of new materials from leather wastes for high-value application

  • Identification and development of leather fabric composite product for enhanced application

  • Material optimization, standardization and productivity enhancement

  • Identifying and developing Ethiopian leather goods and garment product standard