Twinnning Project

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is aiming for giant leap in leather and leather products sectors in line with the national vision, which is ‘To become a country, where democratic rule, good-governance and social justice reigns, upon the involvement and free will of its peoples; and once extricating itself from poverty and becomes a middle-income economy’. In order to contribute to the realization of national vision, the role of the leather and leather products industry of Ethiopia is much significant.

Leather Industry Development Institute (LIDI) had been established with the vision of developing the leather and leather products industry and thereby facilitating export revenue and employment creation.

Dr B. Chandrasekaran, Project Coordinator, CLRI

LIDI needs to undergo a major transformation in order to realize the national goals. The vision of LIDI is ‘To transform LIDI into a globally competitive center of excellence in the field of leather industry’. The TWINNING arrangement has been established to effect this much-essential transformation of LIDI.

The principal objective of this transformation program is ‘To transform LIDI into a globally competitive center of excellence in the field of leather sector.’ TWINNING aims at graduating LIDI to be competent and capable in providing all the necessary support and service to leather and leather product sectors of Ethiopia at the outset.

Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai, one of the scientific institutions of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi had signed a MoU with LIDI and Engineering Capacity Building Program (ecbp), Addis Ababa to undertake the TWINNING project.

Mr. BS Katiyar, FDDI

Footwear Design Development Institute, New Delhi is the partner to CLRI for TWINNING project.

The project is structured, planned and will be carried out taking into account the principal objective of the transformation, national vision and vision of LIDI. The ultimate transformation of ‘enhancing LIDI’s capability to offer all the needed services and support for the whole leather value chain’ is the expected effect of the project.