Marketing Directorate

Marketing Research Directorate Services:
The general objective of the Directorate is to secure sustainable market for the Leather and leather product Industries by designing different market support strategies. Specifically our marketing support service Studies new market and prepare penetration plan and implement, design marketing strategy to secure sustainable market for the industries, plan and implement detail activates of the market already secured to make sustainably accomplish them, Support the industries in securing inputs, accessories and components based on their export plan, and give export incentive packages with regard to the export facilitation upon request
Services Rendered by the Marketing Directorate
  • Supporting services on supply of raw material and inputs
  • Market Searching and Net-working
  • Export facilitation support
  • Promotion Support
The directorate works together with all stakeholders to render export facilitation support for export oriented leather and leather products factories, such as, market search and match making, promotion of new products which are developed by research and development, creates favorable conditions for the supply of raw materials, finance, foreign currency, leather chemicals and other inputs to leather industries. And also it renders facilitation support related to custom, bank, transport, and logistics whenever the factories export their products and import inputs from abroad.

In order to achieve this result the following objectives are being devised
  • Maintain existing customers of the leather & leather product factories market linkage.
  • Increase the market share by finding new buyers of leather & leather products.
  • Conduct market research to enter new markets
  • To realize the supply of inputs for tanneries, footwear factories, glove factories and garment & goods factories.
  • Realize the input output linkage among tanneries, footwear factories, glove and garment & goods factories.
  • Provide export facilitation support for tanneries, footwear factories, glove and garment & goods factories.