Property Management & General Services Directorate

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  • Creating a conducive working environment to achieve the vision of the institute and manage Public resources economically and use the resources for only for the intended purpose.
  • Mission
  • Seeing a fit and capable logistic and resource and a conducive working environment to achieve the objectives of the leather industry sector in 2015;
  • Purpose
    • Managing government resources and allowing them to be used purposefully.
    • Create a conducive working environment for the institute.
    • Performing efficient vehicle saturation and fuel distribution functions;

    Services Rendered by the directorate

    Asset Management Service team
    • Ensure that professional inventory of goods and services is procured through the required specifications and provide timely performance reports by eliminating existing non-functional assets in accordance with current asset management principles.

    General Service Group
    • Providing efficient transportation.
    • Provide cleaning services for buildings and office.
    • Provide gardening service.
    • Facilitating a canteen service.
    • Provide compound security services.