Reform & Good Governance Directorate

About the Directorate

The Directorate's mission
To bring systems in creating public services combating theft in order to serve investors by creating conducive environment based on the principles of transparency and accountability, to implement the democratic developmental government policies and development goals.
To see effective reform and good governance activities by developing an organized team sprit in 2017 in the institute and the sector.

  • To support, monitor and evaluate for maintaining institutional change, ensuring effectiveness of reform and strengthen integration systems in the institute.

  • To support and monitor in creating best performer for the building of effective employees.

  • To implement and facilitate civil service reform and sub-programs.

  • Perform good governance issues.

Services Rendered by the directorate
  • Monitor and control that complaints and grievances of customers are handled by the implemented systems.

  • Prepare and ensure the implementation of applied research with regard to reform and good governance.

  • Ensure good governance problems are identified and to follow up for the resolution of good governance problems.

  • Maintain the sustainability of implemented systems and to ensure, monitor and support for the implementation of new systems.

  • Prepare internal and external customer satisfaction study.