Women, Children & Youth Directorate

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  • To see the institute’s women and youth equal participation and benefit from social, economic and political spheres in order to share their contribution to the development of leather industry sector.
  • Mission
  • Strive to ensure gender mainstreaming in the institute and benefit of women, children and youth in social, economic and political sphere through collaboration & participation of concerned stakeholders, capacity building activities, gender audit assessment and provision of children care & support program.
  • Objectives
    • Organized awareness creation programs, mobilization and advocacy related activities.
    • Ensure and organized monitoring scheme that capture gender mainstreaming of women and youth.
    • Conduct planned training programs that adequately fill knowledge and skill gaps of employees of women and youth.
    • Design project proposals in order to participate and benefit women, children and youth priority issues.

    Services Rendered by the directorate
    1. Access, support and evaluate the mainstreaming of Women and Youth affairs in plans, programs and projects.
    2. Implement HIV AIDS prevention and controlling activities.
    3. Empower women and youth through short and long term education, training, seminars and workshop.
    4. In collaboration with other stakeholders support and monitor equal participation of women entrepreneurs' in the trade sector.
    5. Organize sex and age disaggregated data.
    6. Support and monitor the implementation of the sector's women and youth employment creation package.
    7. Create a conducive working environment for women workers.