August 17, 2021: Consultative workshop to review training need assessment on development of training materials for quality hides and skin production, handling and marketing.
LIDI in cooperation with UNIDO has executed training need assessment on training materials for quality hides and skin production, handling and marketing of raw hides and skins at Skylight Hotel Addis Ababa.
The objective of the training need assessment was to assess the training needs, expectations and gaps of skills, knowhow and attitudes of livestock producers, employers and employees of slaughterhouses, and skins and hides trading actors.
The results of the survey indicated that; animal husbandry practices, pre-slaughter handling of animals, flaying techniques to avoid flaying defects, skin and hides preservation techniques, storage of hides and skins, sorting and grading, transportation & cares during moving, and marketing of skins and hides are identified as major training needs of all value chain actors (from animal husbandry to tanner). The survey data was collected from farmers, municipal slaughterhouses, export slaughterhouses, butchers, raw hide and skin collectors, big traders and tanneries.
Review of existing occupational standard (OS) and on animal related production related areas of competence indicated that flaying, storage, transportation and marketing functions in the production and handling of raw hides and skins are missing.
Based on the above findings the new occupational standard and unit of competence was proposed and productive discussion was gain from the participants.

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