ELIA Certifies four leather companies for the brand Ethiopian_Highland_Leather
August 31, 2021: Four Tanneries ELICO and Bahirdar Tannery (previously certified) and New Wing and Pittards - Ethiopia Tannery have got #EHL (#Ethiopian_Highland_Leather) brand certification. Based on a predefined criteria and laboratory physical and chemical test conducted on sheep leather samples, all factories have passed the criteria set and earned the EHL brand certification. The brand is developed by the support of JICA.
A unique characteristics of #Ethiopian_Highland_Leather are; it is Light, thin, soft yet durable World’s Highest quality sheep leather.
To assure the existence of unique characteristics of #Ethiopian_Highland_Leather the LIDI conducted comparison research of sheep leathers in collaboration with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.
Unique fiber structure (high ratio of reticular layer) to adapt with severe climate of highland in Ethiopia and High tensile strength even it is thinned down up to 0.35mm thickness was observed.
Benefits of using #Ethiopian_Highland_Leather Brand are to assure product’s quality, to enhance product/company’s recognition, to improve customer satisfaction, motivate employees, to create new value to products, to overcome in price competition and to be globally reputed brand in future are some of them.
So far 14 companies are using #Ethiopian_Highland_Leather Brand as co-brand including Bahirdar Tannery, Elico Awash Tannery, Pittards Ethiopia Tannery, New Wing Addis Shoe Factory (Tannery), Amour Leather, ELICO Universal Leather Products Factory, Ker Ezhi Leather, Kinaff Leather, KootKeet, Meron Addis Ababa, Msgana shoe, Natural Footwear Studio, Root in Style and Shirshir Ethiopia.
The #Ethiopian_Highland_Sheep Skin is peculiar and unique for its thin (as thin as 0.35mm) and keeps durability and strength other than any country. The #EHL brand is registered in Japan and in Europe. Most of the tanneries that were given the technical support from JICA are securing new market and the brand certificate has a great promotional contribution and it is believed #EHL will secure 100 million USD from export in glove and other articles including bag and shoe products. There are about 12 leather factories that are selected to make production for a trade fair to be held in 2022 in US and Europe.

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